P4 Photobook Final

This photo book project was really rewarding for me to see all my hard work come together in one project that I can use to showcase my skills with.  I really liked the flexibility and freedom we had to organize our layouts with Adobe InDesign and in a way that would make this book more than just an assignment for class.

The thing I learned most during this project is that good organizational skills and time management can go a long way to giving you great success with a well done finished product.  The thought of having to make a photo book, let alone having the photos to go in it, at the beginning of the semester seemed like such a daunting task.  But this course was well structured and I made every attempt to stay on schedule and I’m really happy with how this has turned out.

My book is laid out more in connection to the types of photography and much less on how they were divided up in assignments.  I started out with a much more complex and unmanageable design layout, but through personal and peer critiques I quickly scaled down to something much more clean and simple.  I am very pleased with the result.



P3 Fine Art Print





Settings – f/5.6, ISO-400, 1/4 sec. exposure, 55MM Canon EOS Rebel T5i  –  Camera and Clubs

I chose this picture because it is sentimental to the family.  These golf clubs belonged to my wife’s grandfather.  What I did is I gathered all the irons together in a spiral and zipper tied them still.  Then I laid a black cloth background to provide the most contrast I could get out of them.  The lighting was just what I had in the hallway of my apartment because it was giving such an aged look to the metal.

For the editing process, I raised the brightness of the image overall.  Then I did a smart sharpen, and finished off with some dodging and burning to finish contrasting the image for large printing.  I took it to Walmart and the whole printing process only took about 15 minutes.  I’m really happy with the way it came out.

Tutorial – Paragraph Styles in InDesign

Paragraph styles are mega important no matter the size of document you are designing.  They can give you global control over the style of your document and it’s various parts all from one simple list.  They are also a great way to keep yourself organized with what fonts, fonts sizes, indentations, etc. you are using throughout your document.  I have developed a simple tutorial to give you a basic grasp on paragraph styles in InDesign as well as some cool tips and tricks as well.

PDF Version of Video




This was a photo I entered into a contest for the Photographic Society.  It was really fun to set up this shot and take it, especially since it was at a place where you’d not think to take a portrait.  This kind of taught me that you can really take a portrait anywhere and have it come out neat.  My friend Kelly was a great sport and dressed up as fun as we could think to do a fun fashion shot.

I chose this contest because I have always struggled with portraits and I wanted to push myself to do something that kind of required me to face that.  I also really wanted to see if I could get the contrast I had in my mind out in a really planned shot.  A lot of times, I have ideas in my mind of what I want to do and rarely does it come to fruition.  This entry came out exactly as I had it in my mind, and I’m really happy I took this challenge.

Contest Date Entered – March 3rd, 2015

Contest Website – http://www.byuiphotographics.org/

Blog 9 TOP 5 – Best images this semester & first 2 spreads

MattWolfley-Theme-20 MattWolfley-BannackBest-FineArt-9 MattWolfley-IronsS MattWolfley-MonkeyRockMattWolfley-BannackBest-FineArt-13

Process- For my top 5, I had to rest on my new and justified interest in macro and landscape photography.  I feel like where I have excelled is in these two categories.  I also enjoyed working with other types of photography, but I could not choose any of them over these five.  I am excited to put a photo book together with all the great shots I’ve been blessed to get this semester.

MattWolfley-Spread1 MattWolfley-Spread2

Process – With my photo book, I looked for a texture to put on opposing pages to my title pages.  I also liked the contrast of the white boarders like I did around the title to also add around the images on the opposing pages.  I wanted to keep the design simple but also have enough showcasing for my photos.  I really like the way it is coming along.