Activity 8: Tasteful Typography


This assignment was honestly pretty hard for me.  I really struggled with words to use with the images, since they’re really just all images of this cool old barn.  Some of the images were too busy to add words, and others had no room even.  I think I could have thought through the positioning and composition of my photos more when taking them, but I think I came out with a decent effort.  For the text, I picked a fairly read-able script font to use as my main title font, and an excellent serif font for body.  I really liked the last image the most.

MattWolfley-Theme-23MattWolfley-Theme-2 MattWolfley-Theme-12
MattWolfley-Theme-14MattWolfley-Theme-13MattWolfley-Theme-15 MattWolfley-Theme-16 MattWolfley-Theme-20

Title: Rage Italic Regular, Script

Body: Palantino Linotype Regular, Serif









MattWolfley-BannackBest-HDR-9 MattWolfley-BannackBest-HDR-10 MattWolfley-BannackBest-HDR-11





This was such a cool place to shoot, and I’m a sucker for rivers and water.  I couldn’t get much, but I looked for anywhere I could see and find reflection of the trees and mountains.  The sky cleared at the perfect time for me to get a lot of these shots and the clouds had a lot of character as well.  The Hotel Mead shots were kind of cliche but they came out awesome.  My favorite is the last one, it’s really a cool and relaxing scene.





Megan was a champ for putting up with me making her grab her dress and drop it over and over and over until we got a good shot but I’m really glad we stuck it out.  Eventually I had to just put it on continuous because we did it so many times.  Honestly, it really didn’t take long, but adding all that with balancing on that chair and 6 hours of modeling and we really lucked out on this shot.  it really turned out cool.  The only thing I would do different is use a trigger next time.  I had some really shaky pictures because I was trying so hard to get the shot.  After all requirements were covered, I did this last change for my own final.




MattWolfley-BannackBest-Portraits-1  MattWolfley-BannackBest-Portraits-3
MattWolfley-BannackBest-Portraits-4  MattWolfley-BannackBest-Portraits-6
Einstein Light
Speed Light

Good times at Bannack for these portraits.  Most of them need a bit of help since the sun was out of control.  I used the auxiliary light the most but we did have the reflectors out for a few shots.  I definitely feel a bit more confident in taking portraits after this excursion.

Blog 7 PORTRAITS- Portraits & Enhancements

Side Composition



Head and Shoulders


Full Body


Group Activity


Group Posing

MattWolfley-Group Posed


Individual Environment


Portrait Enhancement


Color Matching


MattWolfley-ColorMatch-2 MattWolfley-ColorMatch-3

Color Change



This was, by far, the most difficult assignment for me to do.  I struggled with lighting the entire time.  I have gained a much higher appreciation for what photographers go through photographing people.  I went over a lot of posing images to get ideas and with each person things were still pretty spontaneous for the individual personalities.  I used my reflectors as much as needed, and sometimes had some heavy edits to make in Photoshop when all was said and done.  The color change was my biggest struggle of them all.  It really took a lot to get it even remotely clean.  In the end, I had a really great time shooting with friends and family, especially my daughter!

Activity 6 – REFLECTORS


–With Reflector–


–With Reflector–


–With Reflector–


–No Reflectors–

The sun was not very good for us the day I took these pictures.  For most of the shots I used the white reflector because it did the best of not being overly bright but added a nice amount of light to his face without washing it out.  The light we had was pretty dim and the white reflector actually did a great job of giving more light without making me mess with my settings too much to get a good exposure on both sides of his face.  The last one shows how it would have been if we didn’t use the reflectors at all.

Blog 6 CREATIVITY: Close up and personal

MattWolfley-Flowers-2 MattWolfley-Flowers-4MattWolfley-Flowers-1


MattWolfley-UpClose-4 MattWolfley-WaterDrop-1

MattWolfley-Piano-1 MattWolfley-Piano-2


MattWolfley-Penny-2 (1)MattWolfley-Penny-2 (2) MattWolfley-Penny-2 (3)

This project was a ton of fun to do.  I really appreciate detail in photographs, and sometimes it seems hard to get that when you’re not up close and personal.  For a lot of these shots, I teetered back and forth between tubes and filters, and honestly it really made a lot of difference depending on the kind of shot I was looking for.  I know it’s thought that they’re basically the same but I got such different results that I was glad to have both around.  Lighting also made a huge difference too and with tubes I just needed so much more light.  The water drop image where you can see the red glass mosaic bowl inside of the drop was probably my most difficult shot because every slight movement was making the drop threaten to drop off and I’d have to start over and getting the drop clear is also way harder than I thought going in to it.  Sure to be tedious, but I really like the results.

Blog 5 COMPOSITION – Perspective of 12

MattWolfley-BallsPerspectiveS MattWolfley-BigWoodS MattWolfley-IronsS MattWolfley-WoodsSMattWolfleyCollage

I have a fantastic set of old golf clubs that belonged to my wife’s Grandfather before he passed away.  They were perfect subjects for this project.  All of these images were taken with artificial lighting in my apartment hallway.  I wanted some extreme glares on the various clubs to give character to overall setting.  Each club shows heavy use, and the woods had these really cool red velvet covers over them that made the fourth image down come out really great.  Some of the images too a good bit of editing to get the right feel I was going for, while others are straight out of the camera.  Image number 3, the group of irons, had no editing and came out awesome, I thought.  I had a great time trying to be creative with different perspectives for this one set of golf clubs!