Blog 4 FOCUS – Depth: Deep & Shallow


Bridge – 1/26/2015 5:35PM Idaho Falls – 46mm – f/25 – 1/10 sec. – Canon EOS Rebel T5i – Tripod.

For this shot, I went down to Idaho Falls near the waterfalls.  The sun was actually really bright that day and I was getting some over-saturation that used Photoshop to tone down and also bring out the parts of the image that were darkened by shadow.  I wish I could have had more blue come out of the sky but where there were clouds, they were pretty thick and blocked much of the blue from coming through in the shot.


Monkey Rock – 1/20/2015 12:30PM St. Anthony -23mm – f/18 – 1/1250 sec – Canon EOS Rebel T5i & Tripod

This shot is probably my favorite as far as the location and process.  This is the side of Monkey Rock after the waterfall.  On the right, you can see where the waterfall is stopped up by ice above the falls so there was no ice over the face to photograph.  In this shot, I was able to get some great color and the sky came through perfectly as well.  I love the depth of the river weaving into the background.


Meatballs! – 1/27/2015 7:13PM Rexburg – 32mm – f/5 – 1/4 sec – Canon EOS Rebel T5i, Table, Food.

I had not ever shot food before, so I wanted to use one of my shallow images to do some food.  These are meatballs positioned in front of some Kale and to the side of a lemon cut in two.  In the background you can see the stove, a pan, and our green toaster to provide varied color and give a good background with heavy bokeh.


Frost – 1/13/2015 4:15 PM Rexburg – 18mm – f/9 – 1/200 sec – Canon EOS Rebel T5i

This was earlier in the month when all the Instagram kids were having a field day with their iPhones.  What I thought was fascinating was how the frost grew off one side of the trees and left the opposite side bare.  I had to find a shot where there would be enough in the background to create an off-centered shot with a lot of background blur to bring attention to the berries.



Cool  –  1/20/2015 5:05PM Rexburg  –  35mm  –  f/22  –  1/2 sec.  –  Canon EOS Rebel T5i  –  Tripod.

In this image, Griffin is trying not to freeze while Mom drives slowly past us to give the blurred motion effect.  It was pretty cold so we didn’t have too many chances before we froze to death.


Waterfall  –  1/20/2015 8:10AM Rexburg  –  55mm  –  f/29  –  1.3 sec.  –  Canon EOS Rebel T5i – Tripod.

This water feature in the Taylor Quad had perfect lighting earlier in the morning for a long exposure to get cool ghost falls effects.  It took a couple of tries to get my shutter speed correct, but then it was perfect after that.


Princess  –  1/20/2015 4:15PM Rexburg  –  24mm  –  f/4.5  –  1/1000 sec.  –  Canon EOS Rebel T5i  –  Tripod.

Harley got all dressed up to do a spinning capture for frozen motion.  This was pretty much a one and done shot, it went really well.


Shower Time  –  1/20/2015 2:30PM Rexburg  –  55mm  –  f/5  –  1/500 sec.  –  Canon EOS Rebel T5i – Tripod, lights, backdrop, lots and lots and lots of water.

For this image, I hung a back drop in my shower and then had my wife pour water on poor Griffin until I got a usable shot.  Two hundred captures later we finally got a good one.  You can see below our set up, it worked pretty well for a first time shot.


Blog 2 VISUAL FOCUS – Photobook design


For this Photobook Design, I really wanted to do a green scenery spread but I don’t have any of my own photos to use for that type of book. So I looked for images that were scenic parts of Oregon and fit together really well. In InDesign, I chose the photo I thought would best set up the spread as the design cover page. The color that was chosen for the main color for my shapes was from the trees. The main color was intended to be monochromatic green, however I really wanted the word “Beautiful” to come off the page so I chose a magenta color just for that word. I used InDesign to lay out the images and set the text over the green rectangle on the right.  I also added a white frame to the third image at the bottom of the right page in order to create some contrast as the images were somewhat similar as apposed to the image of the sea shore in the middle of the other two.

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Welcome to my Comm 300 blog! My name is Matt Wolfley and I’m a junior at BYU-Idaho. I am majoring in Computer Information Technology however I am very interested in having a foundation in Communications for my career. My only real experience in this field has been in Comm 130, yet I have learned a lot from that course and feel fairly proficient in my abilities up to this point.

The past photos I have chosen are solely from Comm 130 assignments. The focus of the course was so diverse that I haven’t spent much time, if any at all, outside of the photography assignment taking other pictures. These are some of my favorites. I did a considerable amount of editing in the first image. A lot was on adjusting levels and enhancing the blue of the sky but I also edited out some students on the right hand side on the sidewalk. That first image was probably my favorite to work on. Hopefully I’ll find several more that I can be proud of throughout this course.A3MattWolfleyleadroom